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Well Water Treatment by Crystal Clear Water

Both Iron and manganese present their own set of problems when it comes to their existence in your water supplies.


Signs you may have Iron or Manganese present in your water:

  • Brown and black stains on laundry, dishes, and plumbing fixtures such as sinks & showers.

  • Clogging wells, pumps, sprinklers, and other devices, leading to high repair levels.

  • The water has a metallic taste

  • Constant stains in toilets and other plumbing.


Similarly, with manganese you can experience unsightly stains on laundry and fixtures. Not to mention, black sediment deposits can start to form within your pipes.

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Iron and Manganese removal

At Crystal Clear Water we have a range of filters that will deal with high level iron and manganese in the water. We do recommend a water test from a specialist.

We provide Self-maintaining units, these systems don't add chemicals or harsh detergents to the water—they simply remove elements that are responsible for turning your water brown or black.


At Crystal Clear Water we’ve been removing iron and manganese from water for over 10 Years, and we offer a high quality and efficient service.

Improve Efficiency

 Often, well water is treated with a water softener, filtration system or specialty filter so that it can work better in the home.

Expert Advice

There are several treatment methods to improve the quality of your well water. Our experts will advise you on the best solution.

Improve Taste

A reverse osmosis system or drinking water filter are often used to improve the quality, taste and smell of well water.

Detailed Analysis

At Crystal Clear Water, we send your water off for analysis and design a Treatment plan specifically designed and based on your test results.

Several Options

There are several treatment methods to improve the quality of your well water. Your water conditions and how you will use the water determine the appropriate treatment.

Remove Odor

Untreated well water can affect the taste and smell of drinks and food. Remove odor and improve taste by treating your well water.


Hydrogen Sulphur Removal

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a gas which if dissolved in water smells like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulphide gas is formed from decomposing underground deposits of organic matter, such as decaying plant material.


Hydrogen sulphide from sewage pollution can occur in some surface water, in poorly constructed wells, or in shallow wells close to sewer lines or septic systems.


The presence of hydrogen sulphide may be seasonal and frequently occurs in well water which also contains appreciable levels of iron and/or manganese, or that has a low pH.

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