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The Filtration Specialists

At Crystal Clear Water we offer a wide range of filtration services. Our many years of experience means we can offer you a quality service with the know how to back it up. From whole house filtration to point of source filtration, we have a vast array of options available.

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High Quality

As well as removing Impurities, Our Reverse Osmosis Systems also replenishes healthy minerals within your water.


100% Elimination

Our Water Softeners eliminate limescale completely, preventing buildup on appliances and reducing maintenance and energy costs.

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Infant Friendly

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems ensure ideal drinking water for baby formula and low-sodium diets.


Cost Effective

Our Osmosis Systems and Water Softeners will not only improve your water quality but will also save you money per annum.

Welcome to
Crystal Clear Water

Crystal Clear Water is an Irish owned company. We pride ourselves in supplying quality water treatment solutions at affordable rates. With many years experience in the plumbing and water treatment industries. 

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